Paradise Fibers Cut/Loose Merino Wool (1 lb bag)


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THIS IS NOT ROVING. It is Merino Roving that has been CUT and is LOOSE in order to be used more easily in felting or used as stuffing or blended to create texture in batts. (Blending Merino)

This is high-quality merino great for blending or for spinners looking for a lightly processed fiber.  It is a loose, cut form not roving. This merino spins well right from the bag, but requires more experience than our 64 ct Merino Roving. This is the same fiber in "cut" non-roving form, ready to blend or felt.  This fiber is great to work with on a drum carder or hand cards, and accepts dye very well.  This is a great option for sprucing up other fibers at an economical price.  Its bouncy texture will add volume and interest to your project. 64ct.

Merino is one of the most well known and used natural fibers for several reasons.  It is excellent for people who have wool sensitivities, providing next to skin softness for even the most sensitive skin.  It is extremely absorbent, and maintains its warmth when wet, making it an excellent choice for inclement weather.  It wicks sweat and moisture away from the body while holding in warmth which is why it is so popular in sock yarns.  Finally, its warmth to weight ratio is high, so if you're looking for a warm fiber that isn't bulky, merino is a great choice.

Whether you're spinning this merino up on its own or carding it into a blend, its softness will win your heart and you'll just grow to love it more as you learn what a truly remarkable fiber it is.

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