Paradise Fibers Black Diamond Bamboo Top


Also known as "Black Gold" 

Bamboo fiber is made of cellulose and is being produced by processing methods such as steaming and boiling etc. The fiber does not contain any chemical additives. It has unique antibacterial, deodorant, coloration, elasticity, drapability and wearability characteristics. Notable are also moisture absorption and ventilation. Because of its special structure and natural "hollowness" in the horizontal cross sections, the abundant gaps in the fiber can absorb and evaporate the moisture of human skin instantly. Simply a dream to spin! The top glides from your hand and the natural gun metal gray color is mesmerizing. The finished yarn is surprisingly light!  Blend it with your favorite wool for amazing results. This fiber has a different matte finish than the other bamboo types we carry. This Bamboo is fluffier than regular bamboo giving your yarn more loft to it when spun. Available in 4oz Bundles. 

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