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These are top quality baby alpaca rovings available in 6 natural colors. This is a natural fiber harvested from baby alpacas. It is light or heavy in weight, depending on how it is spun. This fiber is exceptionally soft, durable, luxurious, and silky natural fiber. While similar to sheep's wool, it is warmer, not prickly, and has no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic. Alpaca is naturally water-repellent and difficult to ignite. These fibers are soft and spongy with a natural crimp, thus making a naturally elastic yarn well-suited for knitting. Although alpaca is simlar in structure to sheep wool fiber, it's softness comes from having a different smoother scale surface than sheeps wool. These fibers have a natural glossy shine which is prized in alpaca. These fibers have a high tensile strength making them durable and depending on your twist, soft enough for next to skin wear. The micron count is approximately between 18-25 micrometers in diameter. As an alpaca gets older, the diameter of the fibers gets thicker . Clean of debris, dirt, and grease, these alpaca rovings are ready to spin, blend, or dye. 100g of our natural Cochnilla dye from Earthues will dye approximately 2 lbs of fiber. Sweaters are the most common item made from alpaca fiber, these beautiful rovings can be used to make many different types of clothing, bedding, hats, mitts, scarves, gloves, jumpers, rugs, and even toys!

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Andrea W.

Alpaca Roving

I really like the roving.. they had a great selection.

Ann Pierce
United States

PF baby alpaca

Lovely fiber, spins like a dream and is the color which I know as "medium sheep's grey", which is hard to find. My latest use of this fiber was to marl it with the mink/merino blend. Excellent yarn no matter what you do with it!

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