Nunavut Qiviut Muskox Down Fiber


The Champagne of Wild Fiber in 9.5 gram Bags.

We are so happy to offer this luxurious Muskox Fiber from the people behind Nunavut Qiviut.

Nunavut Qiviut is the apex of luxury fibers. 

Qiviut is the fine undercoat fur (down) of the Muskox. An extraordinarily majestic beast which roams free in Canada. This is extremely rare, hand harvested fiber that is 8 times warmer than Cashmere. This pure Qiviut will NOT shrink and is easily maintained. It's natural color is a brown-grey. Qiviut is a feather-light, hypoallergenic, and petroleum free fiber. 

Nunavut Qiviut is located in Kugluktuk, Nunavut, Canada. Just north of the Arctic Circle, perched on the arctic ocean in the heart of Muskox country. Their mission is to develop sustainable, imaginative, and beneficial fiber products from their arctic environment. Nunavut Qiviut supports the traditional Inuit lifestyle of their Arctic community. 

Treat yourself to this luxurious cloud like fiber with a fine micron count. 100% natural muskox down. Free of vegetable matter and most guard hairs. 

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