Noro Rainbow Roll Scarf+Throw+Shawl Pattern


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This Printed Pattern Includes 3 designs to make a Scarf, Throw, and a Shawl.

Pattern 1-

Scarf. The Scarf pattern is Woven using Approx 135g (1.3 Balls of Noro Kureopatora Yarn) and 65g ( 1 Noro Rainbow Roll) with some yardage remaining to use for another project. The Width of the scarf, when finished, is approx 50cm/20 inches (on the frame). The length of the scarf would be approx 160cm/ 63in (excluding the fringes). The Density of this scarf is weft 25 rows in 10cm/4in (on the frame). Yarn Sold Separately.

Pattern 2-

Throw. The Throw pattern is a Knit designed by Karen Klein. Using 2 Rainbow Rolls by Noro and Size US13 (9mm) needles. Holding the two strands of Rainbow Roll this design requires you to double knit as you Knit and purl your stitches with repeats. Binding off loosely, weaving in the ends, and lightly blocking. Yarn and Needles Sold Separately.

Pattern 3-

Shawl. The Shawl pattern is a Knit designed by Karen Klein. Using 2 Noro Rainbow Rolls in Colors A & B. Size US13  (9mm) needles are required. Two strands held double to Knit,ssk,and tog with increases and decreases a bind off and weaving in the ends. Yarn and Needles Sold Separately.

This pattern would make the perfect gift for a Knitter and/or Weaver. Click here to purchase this pattern in a kit with the yarn and needles. 

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