New World Textiles Charcoal Cotton Sliver (4 oz bag)


Card sliver is the result of the first process, carding. The fibers are not all parallel, and because of this, there is more loft to the preparation (more air space). Beginning spinners do well to start with card sliver, and most spinners will choose it as the easiest to spin. New World Textiles Charcoal Organic Cotton is a beautiful heathered blend of dyed black cotton and natural, undyed cotton.  This mixture creates a super soft blend of fibers that have a very short staple length.  Make sure your spinning wheel has a very fast option for this wonderful fiber.  Or try spinning on a supported drop spindle for very fine cotton yarn.  Once created, yarn made from this Charcoal Cotton is more than soft enough to be worn against the skin.  Try this fiber for a great alternative to wool.

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