Louet White Soy Silk Fiber (1/2 lb bag)


100% SOYSILK Brand Fiber


What is SOYSILK fiber?
SOYSILK brand fiber is made from the residue of soybeans from tofu manufacturing. This process is 100-percent natural and free of any petrochemicals, making it an extremely environmentally friendly product. Soy is a completely renewable resource - coming from the earth and being wholly biodegradable. As early as the 1940s, textile experts dreamed of a fiber made from soy. (In fact, Henry Ford had a suit made of soy as an early prototype.) SOYSILK brand fiber offers superior moisture absorption and ventilation properties along with beautiful draping, softness and warmth.
What are the benefits of SOYSILK brand fiber and how does it differ from other fabrics?
SOYSILK brand fiber has the softness and smoothness of cashmere but isn't hazardous to the environment.
SOYSILK brand fiber is beautiful to look at and has excellent wearability
SOYSILK brand fiber has the same moisture absorption as cotton but with better moisture transmission, making it more comfortable and sanitary
How is SOYSILK brand fiber manufactured?
SOYSILK brand fiber is manufactured using new, cutting edge bioengineering technologies. It is produced by extracting proteins from the residual oils of soybean cake - a liquid "batter" is created and cooked, then the fiber is produced by wet-spinning and stabilized by acetylating, and is then cut into short staples after curling and thermoforming.
What is the washability of SOYSILK brand fiber?
SOYSILK brand fiber can be washed in home washing machines and air dried. It is not recommended for commercial/industrial washing machines. In textiles, SOYSILK fabrics are known to be wrinkle-free and have little to no shrinkage.
How does SOYSILK brand fiber affect the environment?
SOYSILK brand fibers are part of the new class of green textiles. Soy fibers provide the environment with a unique "cradle-to-cradle" approach - coming from the earth and being wholly biodegradable. SOYSILK brand fibers contain no petroleum and all products are manufactured to be eco-friendly. In addition, the United States is currently the largest exporter of soybeans in the world.

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