Louet White Shetland Sliver (1/2 lb bag)


White Carded Shetland - a high-quality Shetland fiber. Spinners are always on the lookout for more breed-specific fibers that are handled in such a way as to retain their unique qualities. Look no further! We’re pleased to announce our latest addition to the Louet North America fiber line-up, the Canterbury Prize Wool Group. Working with Wadsworth Heap Ltd, a fiber supplier in New Zealand, each fleece in this line is grown with passion and great care; each is chosen with a critical eye, scoured in a modern scouring plant, and carded with pride on gentle machinery to maintain the fiber’s integrity and give spinners maximum enjoyment. The naturally long staple will make spinning easy, and the softer nature of the wool will allow your yarn to be used for accessory pieces, like hats or mittens. 26 Microns and a 5-7 inch staple length.

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