Louet White Leicester Carded Sliver (1/2 lb bag)


Yes! There is such a thing as Leicester without a Blue Face!  This carded Leicester Fiber is long, lustrous, and strong, with wavy crimp, Leicester longwool is part of the storied Leicester family that are important in the breeding history of sheep. It is prized for its strength and high glossy luster. It doesn't felt easily, and the finished yarn has a low halo similar to mohair and other longwools. It keeps the stitch definition wash after wash and excels at creating smooth, sleek, worsted low-twist yarn that is still strong. Traditionally used for outerwear, carpets, tapestry, and woven interiors, adventurous spinners may want to try spinning it for laceweight for an openwork hearty shawl. This fiber preparation is made from a half-year's growth, making the staple length more manageable for many spinners who aren't used to long staple lengths. Getting to know a longwool should be on every spinners bucket list. Sourced from the Canterbury Prize Wool Group. Due to minimal processing, there may be a small amount of vegetable matter in the fiber. ½ pound put-up; sliver (carded); 36 microns; 5''–6'' (12½–15½ cm) fiber length.

Type: Fiber

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