Louet White Jacob Wool Sliver (1/2 lb bag)


This new White Jacob Spinning Fiber from Louet feels a lot like Corriedale in a natural white color. A beautiful white carded fiber from Louets Canterbury Prize group. 30 micron with a good crimp and a long staple. This fiber will perform well for rugs, felting, and outerwear and is a great value. Beginner spinners will also enjoy this inexpensive fiber as it is fairly easy to spin and won't slip away from you while drafting and spinning.

Jacob sheep are a rare breed that generally have black and white patches, these sheep are brave and will run off many minimal threat type predators and are protective of the flock. They act much like a goat in personality and stature so...don't turn your back on old "Jacob" or you might end up head over heels! This breed typically has not undergone any crossbreeding and remains a fairly pure breed since the 1700's.
These sheep have biblical heritage from the story of Jacob. Jacob apparently got all of the speckled black and white sheep from his fathers flock and bred the sheep together. However; it was not until the 20th century that these sheep were to be called Jacob...officially.

Type: Fiber

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