Louet White Dorset Wool Roving (1 lb bag)


This is high quality Dorset wool from our friends over at Louet at a SUPER deal for the Lb. bundle. Our supply is limited on this fabulous Dorset roving, unfortunately we won't be able to get anymore in. Make sure you try it out while supplies last! It's an excellent wool to have in your stash! This fiber is dense with strong but irregular crimp. 26-33 microns, with a staple length of 3-5 inches. This wool is a natural beautiful white that will take colors clearly when dyeing. This wool is versatile and can be used in many forms. Felting, Spinning, Blending, Dyeing, & a variety of other crafts. This fiber is very easy to spin and great for beginners! Spin woolen for beautiful hand spun yarn. There are many techniques that can be used for making everyday garments with this wool that will last for generations!

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