Louet White Corriedale Top (1/2 lb bag)


Louet Corriedale Top is offered in natural white and a variety of dyed shades. It is a great fiber for felting and spinning with a 28 micron count.
Corriedale, a medium wool, is widely regarded as one of the best general-purpose wool fibers there is. Often chosen by spinning teachers as an introductory fiber, Corriedale drafts easily and can be spun for almost any purpose. Great for hats, mittens, sweaters, many people find it to be next-to-skin soft. The combed preparation of this fiber makes it ideal for spinning smooth, even yarns, but its versatile nature gives the spinner almost unlimited options. With a thicker and denser preparation than Northern Lights, Corriedale top is also wonderful for felting, and is easy to dye with acid dyes (including food coloring and drink mix).
Spin it by tearing off chunks and drafting, or tearing it lengthwise into strips before spinning.

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