Louet Victoria Spinning Wheel


The Louet Victoria spinning wheel is a darling little wheel which is very portable and well crafted. The ratios on this wheel are excellent. It has a lot of speed for such a small wheel and works great for spinning medium to fine yarn. It has a smoother start than other small wheels and weighs in at under 13lbs in the carry bag! This wheel is one of the best portable wheels on the market and has an optional high speed set kit for spinning lace weight yarns as well. This wheel will do everything it's big sister can do but doesn't ply quite as well and is portable. If you will be doing a lot of plying you should consider the Julia wheel from Louet which is a little larger and more robust but not very portable.

This is the perfect wheel for the spinner on the go or it is excellent if you are limited on space for your wheel. I really like to smooth feel of the treadles. The way the wheel is engineered it gives you the feel of a true double treadle with only one footman turning the wheel. I love the scotch tension with this wheel. The larger more sensitive spring is great for fine tuning the tension. Instead of the traditional hooks which guide the yarn onto the bobbin, this wheel has a unique sliding guide. I really enjoy the design of the guide and how smooth it is to adjust.

The best feature about this guide is that there is nothing for the thread to catch on if you accidentally treadle in the wrong direction. This can really lessen the frustration factor for a newer spinner. This wheel weighs in at under 6 lbs and has ratios from 6:1 to 12:1 with an optional high speed flyer that takes the available ratios to 25:1. The bobbins are average priced at 30 dollars. This is a great wheel for spinners who are planning on spinning medium to fine yarns and want a wheel that is portable.


Victoria is available in a lacquered beech (S95) and a lacquered oak version (S96). The folded size is 14 x 36 x 55 cm (5 1/2” x 14 1/4” x 21 3/4”), for ease of storage or travel. Three bobbins and a lazy kate are included with each wheel. Specifications: • Main wheel: Ø 36 cm (14 1/4”) • Ratios: 1:6, 1:8.5, 1:13 • Orifice: Ø 8 and 12 mm (5/16” and 1/2”), height from the ground 59 cm (23 1/4”) • Weight: 3.6 kg (8 lb) Accessories: extra bobbins, high-speed set with three bobbins (ratio 1:20), high-speed bobbin, third shaft to extend the lazy kate for three bobbins, stand-alone foldable skeinwinder, lazy kate with adjustable brake for three bobbins, padded storage bag.

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