Louet S40 Limited Edition Wheel


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Louet produced a limited supply of these wheels to commemorate their 40th anniversary. These wheels are the sale design as the original wheel from 1974. Here is the original description for the wheel when it was first released.

For people who like to spin outside (on holidays, with friends or just out there) Louët has developed a spinning wheel that can easily be carried around. The small size (30x40x17 cm) and hat box design makes it very portable. This wheel has one ratio that is 1:3.6 just like the original wheel. It is a right foot, single treadle wheel and Scotch tension flyer. It has a delta orifice but the yarn paces through a hole in the flyer so very bulky yarns are not able to be spun on this wheel. The wheel comes with three bobbins and a built-in lazy kate.
Each of these limited edition wheels is signed by Jan Louet and numbered only 125 were produced for the 40th anniversary edition.
Due to the limited nature of this item all sales are final.

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