Louet Ramie Fiber (1/2 lb bag)


Ramie (Boehmeria nivea), commonly known as China grass. This White Ramie Fiber is referred to as a bast fiber crop. Ramie is a cultivated plant that is one of the oldest textile fibers used in mummy cloths in Egypt during the period 5000 - 3000 BC, and has been grown in china for many centuries. Only a small percentage of the ramie produced is available on the international market, making this a treasured and rare fiber. 


Ramie is very durable, is pure white in color and has a silky luster. With a tensile strength eight times that of cotton and seven times higher than silk. 

There are many advantages of using Ramie in your fabrics and yarn. Ramie is resistant to bacteria, mildew, alkalis,rotting,light, and insect attack. Ramie is extremely absorbent and therefore comfortable to wear, especially during warmer weather. With natural stain resistant ability, ramie fiber is not harmed by mild acids and dyes beautifully and easily. Ramie also increases in strength when wet. Garments made from Ramie keep it's shape and does not shrink. It's smooth lustrous appearance improves with washing. Although this fiber lacks in elasticity it is quite the wonder fiber! 

Type: Fiber

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