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Mini SOAK is a small, single use sample pack (6mL) of the different scents available.
Soak is a gentle woolwash product available in three fresh fragrances (Flora, Aquae, Citrus) and three convenient sizes.
Soakhas been an absolute hit with knitters (and wearers of knitted things), but it has also drawn a following of crafters (like quilters, cross-stitchers and weavers) as well as people who hand-wash their clothes. Our gentle, fiber-friendly cleanser, formulated for today's sophisticated sensibilities, is now being sold in a variety of boutiques, shows and crafters' shops across the country.
Soak's gentle formulation is perfect for hand-knits, raw fibers, spinning,- even felting. With contemporary fragrances that smell great, and a no-rinse formulation that's gentle enough for everything from cashmere and wool to cotton and silk, it's exactly what you have been looking for.
Soak is gentle on fabrics and is easy to use with no rinsing. Soak makes whites white again and keeps unfinished projects from distorting and fraying.

SOAK has limited edition fragrances that are released throughout the year.
Limited edition 01
A Scent for Celebration-Treat your senses to the captivating scent of the first in a series of limited edition fragrances. This fragrance was such a hit when it launched, we're carrying it over to holiday 2007. "Ascent for celebration" evokes the excitement of the season with a captivating fragrance that makes fibers smell as good as they look.

I used SOAK for a dyeing project I just did and I loved it. The SOAK worked just like it said it would and all with no rinsing required. It is really great for those of us who don't want to spend lots of time with different baths during dying. Using SOAK also cuts down on the risk of felting wool items because you don't have to rinse that saves you the chance of felting due to a change in temperature of the water from one bath to another. SOAK also worked wonderfully in my pre dying bath to get the fibers really wet SOAK works great.
Rachel Romine
Paradise Fibers

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