Louet Bombyx Silk Noils (1/2 lb bag)


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Noils are short silk fibers that clump together and are culled during the preparation of silk. They add lovely texture to batts and other carded preparations. This is a beautiful, clean silk noil that is easy to dye. Great quality for a great price. This fiber is whitened. Bombyx silk, also known as mulberry silk or cultivated silk, is the world's finest silk, prized for its incredible luster, fineness, and strength. Bombyx mori is the world's only domesticated bug. Louet's bombyx silk top is a top-quality combed preparation, ready to spin. Bombyx silk can be dyed with acid dyes, including food coloring and drink mix, and with fiber-reactive dyes. ½ pound put-up; cloud; micron measure unavailable; average less than an 1'' (3cm) fiber length.

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