Katia Concept Woman Comfort Coat Kit


Each Kit Includes 16 balls of Cotton Merino in two different colors. 70% Cotton and 30% Extrafine Merino. This is a luxuriously comfortable coat perfect for those cozy cool spring/summer nights or curling up by the fire in winter. These kits not only include the yarn needed to complete the kit but as an added bonus you'll receive the pattern book that the pattern is featured in. The Katia Concept Woman 1 pattern book featuring 45 different patterns! At a steal of a deal! Enjoy  One size fits all. Measures Used stitches

Knitting needles
6 ½ USA 10.5 Stockinette Stitch,Reverse Stockinette Stitch, Garter Stitch, Pattern Stitch, Stripe Pattern

Other techniques
Tubular Bind Off, Side Seam
Call us if you don't see a color combo you like and want to order a custom color combo. We would be happy to accommodate your needs. We have many other colors of the Cotton-Merino Katia Yarn for endless possibilities. These three color combos were our top selections.

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