Addi Click Lace Cords (measured for short tip lengths)


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Paradise Fibers has all the Addi Click Cords you need.  The Addi Click Lace Cords are measured and designed for use with the Short Addi Click Lace tips.  The multi pack comes with a connector for joining cables together or holding a cable with live stitches if you remove the needle tips to use on a different project.    

The Addi Click Turbo, Bamboo, and Long Lace tips are approximately 5" long.  The Addi Click Short Lace tips are approximately 3 1/2" long.   The Addi Click Lace cords will connect to the longer tips but the needle will not be usable in the 16" and 20" cord sizes.  The cord will be too short and the needles too long to work together as a circular needle.  If you use these cables with the longer needles your needle will measure longer than stated in the cord length.  

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