Camaj Undyed Mawata Silk Hankies (1 oz Bag)


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Pictured is the process of turning a single hank into a roving ready to spin or knit!

Mawata is a Japanese word which means “to spread out”. These Mawata, silk hankies, have been degummed, the pupae removed and the fiber stretched onto a square frame. Processed by hand one square at a time. More than one cocoon is placed on the same frame, so one silk hankie will have a couple of layers. They are natural Mulberry Silk with a beautiful sheen! Using the hankies is very easy and it can help you add a lot of texture and interest to a piece. When needle felting, the wool or alpaca will pull through the silk hankie and lock it in place. Creating a beautiful marbled sheen effect. Normally you would be able to get 5 to 6 layers of silk per hankie which you can use separately or together. The hankies take dye beautifully. Acid Wash dyes or silk dyes work best. One layer of hankie can be spun at a time and would be great to spin with wool or alpaca for interest and texture. One layer can also be stretched and knitted directly or drafted into a roving and used on a drop spindle. The possibilities with these squares of beautiful silk are really endless! There are about 3 hankies in an ounce, with DOZENS of layers!

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