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Australian Wildlife Aid Kits

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Knit or crochet a nest, hanging bed, and more to keep a distressed animal cozy and warm. As Australia burns, an estimated 800 million animals are being affected by the fires ravaging... Read More

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Product Details


Knit or crochet a nest, hanging bed, and more to keep a distressed animal cozy and warm. As Australia burns, an estimated 800 million animals are being affected by the fires ravaging their home. ARCCG (Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild) provided free, carer approved patterns for Joey pouches, animal sweaters, bat wraps, nests and more on their Facebook page. (Link & info below) 

**If you have not started a pouch, or in the beginning stages, the admins of the rescue guild have requested that you stop and focus your attention on another requested item. Crochet and Knit nests and animal jumpers have been requested, as well as blankets and bat wraps.  All knit and crochet items needs to be done in tight, close stitches on small needles/ hooks so claws cannot slip through the stitches.

Please adhere to fabric specifications in the patterns and on the ARCCG's Facebook page. Many carers prefer 100% Natural Fibers due to their breathability; however, Acrylic can be used as long as it is durable and non-fuzzy, since Joeys and other baby animals like to chew on knobbly bits and fuzz, and you should try your utmost to keep your household fur babies away from these projects. It is recommended to sew in a cotton liner for the joey pouches to finish them, instructions included, or you can send the pouches to us without liners if you are unable to. 

***PLEASE NOTE: There has been a temporary HALT on the acceptance of crafted donations for Australian Wildlife. The ARCCG is constantly taking  stock of the amazing donations they have received and coordinating with their carers to see what they are still in need of.

We are no longer accepting donations, and are currently taking stock of our donations. We are in contact with hubs and Guild administrators in Australia to orchestrate shipping our donations. Once we have taken stock of everything we have received we will then delegate which hubs and organizations they will go to with the administrators who know what their local hubs need.

To be involved in the drawing you needed to have post-marked your package by 02/22 (or by a date that ensured it reaches us by 02/29 for the drawing on 03/02). We will be setting up our shipment throughout the month of March and you can look for photos on our instagram page.

Please consider using your yarn to knit another garment or nest listed on ARCCG's Facebook page. (link below) The pattern files will be updated with additional patterns for you to choose from over the next few days. Thank you for participating in this cause!

We have provided kits in snuggly 100% Washable and non-pillable Wool, Egyptian Cotton, and Acrylic with downloadable patterns for various items needed by animals in Australia to make these much needed donations. All you have to do is knit or crochet your pouches, nests, sweaters, etc and then mail the finished pouches to us by FEBRUARY 22 so we can ship them to the Wildlife Rescue Hub in Australia. 

Download the FREE ARCCG approved patterns HERE to choose your own yarn for your Joey Pouches.  This collection of dowloadable patterns will include patterns for Wool, Cotton, and Acrylic Yarn. As well as sewing and weaving patterns approved by carers in Australia.

To donate to a local shelter by joining the Snuggles Project, download the Animal Shelter Blanket Patterns HERE. This Digital Pattern Collection is compatible with the Australian Wildlife Aid Cotton and Acrylic Kits.

Give a Little, Get a Little:

To express our appreciation for your time and effort, we will be holding a drawing after March 2 for a Mystery Yarn or Fiber Basket and a $100 Paradise Fibers Gift Card. Winners will be posted on our Instagram page. Please make sure to postmark your finished pouches by FEBRUARY 22 to ensure inclusion in the drawing and to make sure your donations make it into our shipment to Australia.

Please Note: A small-med (12cm - 24cm sq) Joey Pouch needs approximately 200 yds, so stock accordingly or peruse the other pattern options as well. You can also add your own stashed yarn to these kits as well.

Follow the following link to help estimate the yardage needed for your selected projects:


Kit includes: 

1 of  the following options. Please choose your desired yarn and color.

  • 1 hank Malabrigo Rios Superwash - 100g / 210yd / 100% Superwash Merino (Joey Pouch Outers, Blankets, Bird Sweaters, Penguin Sweaters, Large Nests, Baskets)
  • 1 ball Cascade 220 Superwash - 100g / 219yd / 100% Superwash Wool (Joey Pouch Outers, Blankets, Bird Sweaters, Penguin Sweaters, Large Nests, Baskets)
  • 1 hank Ella Rae Phoenix - 100g / 182yd / 100% Egyptian Cotton (Kitten Jumpers, Lamb Jumpers, Blankets, Joey Pouches)
  • 2 balls Bergere de France Barisienne - 50g / 153yd (306yd total) / 100% Acrylic (Blankets, Bird Nest, Crochet Nest, Chicken & Lamb Jumpers, Sugar Glider Tree Hole Bag, Penguin Sweater, Basket, Joey Pouch Outers)
  • A selection of FREE instantly downloadable Knit and Crochet Patterns approved by ARCCG and their carers. The “Micro Pouch” patterns include instructions for sewing cotton liners for the pouches. 
  • While supplies last: 
      • PF Exclusive I Love Ewe Sheep Sticker
      • Handmade Wildeweness Stitchmarker
  • Included shipping bag for finished crafted donations.

    joey pouches bird nest crochet animal basket  knit rescue nest sugar glider tree hole bag kims magic blankets knit bird jumper penguin sweaters lamb sweaters neonatal kitten jumper crochet kitten jumper

    What do you need to do?

    1. Choose your Wildlife Aid Kit OR download the patterns and choose yarn from your stash or our site.
    2. Knit or crochet as many Joey Pouches, nests, bat wraps, etc as you wish. Please adher to fabric and material requirements on the patterns and the ARCCG page. 
    3. Label your finished Wildlife donations with what they are and the material used. Use either masking tape or plastic bags with the label written on the outside.
    4. Package your finished and labeled donations in the provided shipping bag. 
    5. Mail your package by FEB 22 to Paradise Fibers, 225 W Indiana Ave. Spokane, WA 99205 to be included in our shipment to Australia. 
    6. Rest a bit easier knowing your knit or crochet project will be loved and used by an animal in need.

    Joey Pouch Project details:

    Finished dimensions

    Small: 24cm square Medium: 30cm square 

    (see reference sheet below to find pouch sizes for various animals)

    Liner: 100% cotton or flannelette. (Instructions included for liner)

    Material: any Ply 100% Wool or other natural fibers (acrylic can be used for outers as long as it is non fuzzy and durable)

    Hook (approx): 4.00mm

    Needles (approx): Size 8/4mm


    Additional links and information about Australian Wildlife Rescue:

    -Reference Sheet for making Joey Pouches on Wildcare Australia Inc. You can also find an address here to send your finished pouches to if you wish to make your own donation.: 

    -Check out the Animal Rescue Craft Guild's Facebook page for more information and PDF files for additional designs needed for Wildlife in need. We will accept donations of any of the finished projects offered on their page; however, Joey Pouches are in the highest demand at the moment. 

    -If you wish to help Australian Wildlife Rescues Directly, there are opportunities to donate to the cause via WIRES, a Wildlife Rescue Organization. You can send supplies or donate easily via Paypal on their site. 

    A note from WIRES on the tragic droughts, record temperatures, and raging fires: 
    In WIRES history we have never seen a concurrent series of emergencies events like those that began in November. Hundreds of fires over weeks have burnt over 4.9 million hectares of land in NSW alone. Many animals were already struggling with a lack of water and food due to the drought. With the fires destroying unprecedented amounts of habitat, food shortages have increased and lack of suitable habitat will be a significant long-term challenge for surviving wildlife.
    It is impossible to know how many animals have perished and it will be many months before the impact on wild populations can be better understood but ecologists at Sydney University have estimated over 800 million animals have been affected in Australia since September. 
    To help rescue sick, injured and orphaned wildlife please support WIRES Emergency Fund.”