Ashland Bay Young Adult Mohair- 4oz bundle

Ashland Bay

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Ashland Bay Young Adult Mohair Roving is a silky, lustrous ecru top.  Young Adult Mohair fiber is great for blending with other wool to produce a wonderfully fluffy roving. The hard wearing fiber is still soft to the touch and perfect to toughen up and soften other wools. Or if you are looking to dye fiber, this Mohair will produce intense, attractive colors.  The uncrimped, smooth fiber can be challenging to spin alone, but will produce a shiny yarn with an intense halo. Mohair fiber is a little clingy so beware, if you want to tame it a little, mix up a 16 oz spray bottle of water with 2 teaspoons of conditioner mixed to spray on your fibers as you work with it, this will cut down your flyaways as you spin!

Type: Fiber

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