Ashland Bay White Cultivated Silk Roving

Ashland Bay

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This cultivated silk is just one of the many silk fiber products and blends offered by Paradise Fibers. The difference between this silk and other silks offered, such as tussah silk, is this silk is produced from silk worms in captivity that were fed only mulberry leaves. This silk is 10-13 microns and very soft and white. This silk is lustrous and smooth unlike its counterpart, tussah silk, which is wild silk and not as silky or smooth. Use this silk to blend into batts or use in felting projects. It lends a beautiful sheen to fiber art projects. Spin as is for a beautiful undyed yarn with luster and drape! This fiber has a long staple length of 5-7 inches, suitable for beginner and advanced spinners alike. Treat yourself to the luxury of cultivated mulberry silk, you'll be hooked! Available in 4oz. Bundles

Type: Fiber

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