Ashland Bay Wensleydale Wool Roving (8 oz bag)

Ashland Bay

Wensleydale fiber is the finest of the long wool breeds and felts well. Felting teachers tell us it is the ONLY fiber to use for those beautiful transparent felted scarves and wall hangings. Wensleydale qualities include long staple length, lots of luster & silkiness. It has been in short supply for some time but we finally have a good quantity to offer to our customers. For those of you interested in rare and endangered sheep breeds, Wensleydales are among the few sheep that could never be reproduced by crossing other breeds. Give this unique fiber a try for your next felting or spinning project and help to conserve the wonderful Wensleydale breed! 30 microns, 7-9 inch staple length. This shiny wool takes dye beautifully.

Type: Fiber

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