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Deep natural dark brown color. 100% Tibetan Yak Top Spinning Fiber. This fiber is SUPER SOFT and buttery similar to Cashmere. Yaks are a large beast of the bovine family. Living in the high altitudes of the Himalayas requires these beasts to adapt to the extreme cold. Thanks to their genetic makeup they do this by growing an extremely soft and warm layer of fur that is fine (down) and an outer coat of fur that is somewhat coarser and very hardy. This roving we offer from Ashland Bay is the carded and separated Top coat of the Yak Bovine. All the coarse guard hairs are removed leaving the soft and smooth top coat. Suitable for spinning and knitting into blankets, mittens, sweaters, scarves, hats, and a multitude of other garments and heirlooms. This is high-quality luxurious fiber. 

  • It is believed that the strength of yak wool comes from the high levels of amino acids contained within the fibres.
  • Yak wool is very resistant to static electricity meaning garments a less likely to spark or cling to the body during dry conditions.
  • 15-21 micron count
  • Staple length 1-2 inches

Type: Fiber

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