Ashland Bay Polwarth Roving (4 oz bag)


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This new Polwarth wool from Ashland Bay is super soft and at a great price. This wool averages 23-micron and is super soft and nice to spin. With an average staple length of 4-6", it can be a better option than Merino for beginning spinners looking for next-to-skin softness without the slippery difficulty of other fine fibers. It's firm, rectangular staples are dense with a well-defined crimp. Knitted up, this fiber produces a smooth yarn that drapes beautifully. Our Polwarth is very clean, without vegetable matter, so it can go right from the box to your spinning wheel or hand spindle.
This breed was established over 100 years ago in Australia with origins from Saxon Merino rams and Lincoln. Because of Polwarth's merino roots, it is second in softness only to merino itself. It is perfect for baby clothes, cowls, camisoles, or any other items that have lots of body contact. Plus, it has more luster and is easier to draft than Merino.
If you're looking to incorporate fibers, Polwarth cards nicely with mohair, angora, alpaca, and silk, among others. It can add strength to more delicate fibers without compromising on softness.
Polwarth dyes easily and takes up dye evenly. We recommend our acid dyes for all of our protein fibers. Country Classics Dyes is a great choice that comes in a wide variety of colors. It is easy to use and great for beginners and experienced dyers alike. Our Washfast Acid Dyes are also great choices if you're looking for an alternative to Country Classics.
This fiber has continues to gain increased popularity over the last few years with spinners nationwide. Try it out and you'll see why! Available in 4oz Bundles

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