Ashland Bay Multi-Colored Merino Roving

Ashland Bay

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This is HIGH-quality Merino Top dyed and blended in fantastic color combinations. Depending on how thin and tight you spin the multi-color merino, your overall yarn will turn out differently as far as appearance and color. There are a wide variety of styles that can be achieved using the multi-color spinning fibers we carry. Perfect to use for various felting and blending projects or spinning as is! Excellent fiber for beginner spinners, this top is beautifully combed with zero foreign matter throughout. Easy to draft, easy to spin, creates lovely heathered yarns. We recommend Merino for anyone looking for a soft wool that can be felted or spun! If you're looking to dye your own colors check out our house Merino, Paradise Fibers 64 count Merino Roving Undyed. The quality of our Merino and this merino is GRADE A. Next to skin soft, with a staple length of 3-4 inches and a micron count of 22.

Available in 4oz Bundles.

Ashland Bay Multi-Colored Merino is great for experimenting with gauge, twist, ply and more to create some unique styles of yarn! The Ashland Bay Dyed Merino Top is one of our best selling fibers here in the shop; with a soft touch and unique color blends, we're sure you will love spinning,blending and felting with it.

Type: Fiber

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