Ashland Bay Merino/Cultivated Silk Fiber Blend

Ashland Bay

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50/50 Carded Blend. The durability and softness of merino perfectly blended with the luster and strength of cultivated silk. This is just one of many wool and silk blends offered by Paradise Fibers. This fiber blend is perfect for dying and used in many projects. Use in wet or needle felting projects to make textiles and garments/accessories. Dye and spin to practice various techniques using twist and ply. This fiber drafts and spins effortlessly with its long staple length of 4-6 inches and it's micron count of 12-23, every fiber enthusiast can find this fiber suitable for many projects. Treat yourself to this luxurious blend, you'll be hooked. Available in 4 oz Bundles. 

Type: Fiber

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