Ashland Bay Brown Select Jacob Wool Top (1/2 lb bag)


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Brown Select Jacob Wool Top

Jacob sheep are sometimes referred to as the spotted sheep. The brown select Jacob wool has been hand picked from the fleece and processed to keep the rich brown color. The micron count ranges between 25-35. Jacob is easy to spin and produces a springy yarn.

HISTORY: Although the origins of the Jacob sheep are unknown, there is historical documentation of spotted sheep in the Middle East, Far East and Mediterranean from three thousand years ago. These sheep were named after Jacob, a shepherd from the book of Genesis in the Bible, who bred spotted sheep. In England, the Jacob was originally referred to as the Spanish Sheep. Legend has it that the sheep washed ashore from shipwrecks in England after the destruction of the Spanish Armada in 1588

Distinguishing Characteristics: The spotted fleece and impressive horns make the Jacob a very distinctive looking animal. Both the rams and ewes have horns, some have 2 or 4 or occasionally 6 horns. They are small, docile sheep that are prolific breeders and good mothers. Jacob sheep found popularity among the large estates in England as ornamental sheep and did not have much of a commercial value until recently.

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