Ashland Bay 100% Angora Roving (4 oz bag)


Angora wool is an extraordinarily soft fiber from the fur of the Angora Rabbit. This Angora Fiber has been produced into a combed top roving. Micron 11-13 staple length 2.5 inches, 50-60 mm. These fibers are very soft with a silky smooth texture. The individual fibers are hollow giving them loft and a characteristic floating feel. The fibers are very short which can effect stitch density when blending and knitting with wool in a high percentage. Blend this 100% Angora fiber with Superfine Merino Wool or Cashmere to create a durable yarn that will knit into warm and luxurious garments. Angora rabbits are combed or gently sheered for their fur which is a laborious harvesting process. The wool produced can be used in a wide variety of applications in which insulation, comfort, and warmth are needed, and the fibers are pleasurable to work with because of their luxurious look and feel. Angora fiber can also be used in felted projects as it felts fast and easily. This fiber is truly a joy to spin and should be treasured for generations.

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