Ashford Natural Tussah Silk Combed Top (4 oz bag)


6-7 inch staple length. Combed/ Natural.
Tussah is naturally soft beige and is from silkworms fed on Oak leaves. It has a very long staple. It is strong, lustrous and more resilient than cultivated "white" silks. Silk is pure luxury. Silk has many qualities. As well as its natural sheen, it is strong, resistant to pilling, and the long fibres make it easy to spin. It dyes beautifully and blends well with other fibres.  Combing removes the short fibers, making the fiber length more uniform. There is little air space and the preparation is very dense. There may be up to 15% waste removed in combing, so the sliver and yarn are more expensive. Uniform fiber length means that properly spun yarn is unlikely to pill or abrade easily.

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