Addi SOS Click Cords 3-pack sets


Paradise Fibers has all the Addi Click Cords you need.  The AddiSOS Click cords have a small slit in the cord, near the join to insert an optional lifeline.  A lifeline is just a piece of contrasting thread or yarn that sits in your work until you are confident you are knitting the pattern correctly.  This is used for knitting any lace or stitch pattern that is complicated to you.  Knit a row with a life line, unhook the lifeline from your cord and the lifeline holds that row as completed correctly.  If an error is made on a future row you can easily remove your needle and tear back to the lifeline row.  Place a lifeline every repeat for example and you can rip back to the last lifeline rather than starting all over again.  

The Addi Click Turbo, Bamboo, and Long Lace tips are approximately 5" long.  The Addi Click Short Lace tips are approximately 3 1/2" long.   The AddiSOS cords can be used with any Addi Click tips but the length of your needle, measured from tip to tip will be about 3" shorter than the stated length if you use the Addi Short Lace Click tips.  

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