100 Snowflakes to Crochet


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This book is full of beautiful snowflake patterns from easy to more challenging crocheted snowflakes. Create a gorgeous collection of crocheted snowflakes. These projects are the perfect Christmas Crochet Patterns. Snowflake patterns are fun to make and fabulous crochet Christmas ornaments. 

Bring the lacey beauty of a snowfall into your home with 100 Snowflakes to Crochet. Crafters of all levels can easily crochet up a storm or just make a simple snowflake or two. The designs range from simple ones requiring only a few rows to large intricate snowflake patterns for more advanced stitchers. Starting with a review of crochet basics, a discussion of materials and finishings, the structure of snowflake patterns, and methods of blocking and starching your finished crochet snowflake, anyone can easily learn to craft one of these gossamer creations. Then onto the Snowflake Selector to browse for a pattern that matches your skill level. However, as you work through the book, you will improve your skills as you go along! These lovely Christmas Snowflakes are intricate, delicate, and can be used as appliques, to hang in windows, or to adorn your Christmas tree. Complete snowflake pattern directions and lots of project ideas for your finished snowflakes, you're certain to find hours of holiday enjoyment and inspiration!

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