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Long, strong and durable, hemp fibers are about 70% cellulose and contain low levels of lignin (around 8-10%). The fiber diameter ranges from 16 to 50 microns. Hemp fiber conducts heat, dyes well, resists mildew, blocks ultraviolet light and has natural anti-bacterial properties. Shorter, woody core fibers ("tow") contain higher levels of lignin. Paradise Fibers Hemp Roving is a beautiful, all natural, de-gummed, high quality hemp top. Although coarser than most fiber, hemp top can be used and mixed in with softer fiber to give it texture. Great for any spinning, blending, or craft project! Hemp is an Eco friendly plant fiber than can either be dyed or left natural. Hemp can be spun wet or dry. Spun wet, it will make a softer yarn.

Type: Fiber

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