Ashland Bay Blue Face Leicester (4 oz bag)

Ashland Bay

British luster longwool. 25-27 microns, staple length 4 ¼ inches, 110 mm. The fiber feels finer than the micron count would suggest. The luster promotes intense dye results. This is the famous high-quality Ashland Bay Blue Face Leicester Wool or BFL as it's sometimes called. This spinning fiber is undyed in a white, ecru color and very fluffy. Use this BFL for all your dying projects. It takes dye well and spins up smooth and fluffy! Try the Country Classics Dyes with this spinning fiber for a quick and fun dying experience with professional results.
This yarn has a lovely sheen once spun, and when plied can even look like a string of pearls!  The silkiness and long fiber length make it a great choice for both strength and comfort.  It is strong enough to hold up to frequent use and abuse, and soft enough to be worn against bare skin, making it ideal for spinning into socks or sweaters, either on a spinning wheel or hand spindle.
When dyed, its natural sheen brings out the richness of the colors and produces a lovely result.  We recommend an acid dye for dying any of our protein fibers.  Our most popular being the Countr Classics line of dyes which come in a wide array of colors.  Looking for more of a challenge?  Our Washfast Acid Dyes or Ashford Acid Dyes are also great options and yield a rich and vivid colorway.

Blue Faced Leicester is also great for incorporating with other fibers such as silk or bamboo.  Its softness and sheen blends well with more delicate fibers while lending them the strength BFL is known for.  Its versatility, luster, and supple texture have made this one of our bestsellers here at Paradise!


Type: Fiber

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