Swarovski & Rowan Create Your Own Style Classic Crystal Beads


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Paradise Fibers offers the entire Swarovski Classic Crystal Collection. Create your style with these brilliant bead packs. Offered in packs of 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm as well as mixed packs of 5-8mm, 8-16mm, 10-16mm, and 8-12mm. Designed by the Swarovski Create Your Style Design Team. Create fabulous necklaces or add embellishments to a shawl. These Swarovski Classic Crystal Beads Will add sparkle and shine to your projects, adding a perfect touch of luxury to your garments. 


4mm Box includes 100 Beads

6mm Box includes 50 Beads

8mm Box Includes 25 Beads

10-16mm Mixed Box Includes 14 Beads

8-16mm Mixed Box Includes 17 Beads

8-12mm Mixed box Includes 35 Beads

5-8mm Mixed Box Includes 126 Beads

4mm 2 Color Mixed Box Includes 200 Beads

SATIN & MAUVE 4mm Single Color Box Include 210 Beads


Type: Yarn

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