Louet Fibers

We offer over sixty different fibers in a wide range of natural and dyed colors from Louet North America. Ranging from luxury fibers such as cashmere, yak, silk, and alpaca to the largest selection of prepared breed-specific wool ready to spin. Along with a wide range of cellulose, regenerated, vegan, and sparkly synthetic fiber. 

Louets expertise in the fiber area was established over thirty years ago when Jan and Trudy Van Stralen managed a flock of over 100 sheep. The Van Stralen's were among the first in North America to import the Coopworth breed. Today, Louet North America is run by their son Dave and Daughter-in-law Pam. Their relationship with growers in New Zealand, fiber experts in the United Kingdom, and others around the world, allow Louet to continue to offer a unique selection of high-quality fiber specifically for the hand spinner.

You can find many of the high-quality fibers from Louet right here at Paradise Fibers. Just getting into spinning? Check out the Louet S17 and S10 Spinning wheels that we carry at our shop from Louet. These are fabulous beginner wheels that allow room for creative customization! 

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