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Eco Butterfly Organic Pakucho Cotton Roving

Eco Butterfly Organic Pakucho Cotton Roving


Organic Cotton
Copyright © 2010-2012 Dr. James Vreeland, Jr
Pakucho Golden Brown Organic Color Grown Cotton Hand Picked At Harvest.
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Deep Mauve Brown
Rustic Avacado
Forest Mist
Golden Cafe
Deep Golden Brown
Deep Green
Moka Chocolate
Rich Cinnamon Chocolate
Vanilla Cream

Type: Fiber

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Organic Cotton
Copyright © 2010-2012 Dr. James Vreeland, Jr
Pakucho Golden Brown Organic Color Grown Cotton Hand Picked At Harvest.

100% Certified Organic Color Grown & Tanguis Cotton Sliver

Each Package is (16 oz.) 

Excluding the "DEEP MAUVE BROWN" COLOR this comes in a 4oz Bundle

Please note that this rare color (deep mauve brown) is soft, but not as silky to the touch as the other color grown shades. It is less processed and there is no other natural shades mixed in leaving it deeper and more pure in color, just as it grows on the tree. This is truly special.

Like all Peruvian color grown cotton it does in fact grow on trees.... and fairly tall trees at that. They are quite beautiful when the buds are ready to harvest.

This color is one of the deepest and rarest of color grown shades found in Peru.

The Vanilla Cream Color is in fact PIMA cotton and has a longer staple length of 38mm

ALL are Fair Trade & Vegan


Color Grown fiber with Natural Tanguis mixed in.

24mm longest avg staple length

This is the cotton plant made into soft as a cloud, raw, roving form for spinning yarn by machine or by hand. It would make great stuffing for organic projects like pillows, etc. All you need to do is tease it.

The green shades in the sliver do not go through an extra rinse process leaving the color lighter and more golden green. This gives the buyer the choice to make the color a deeper green depending on the green they purchase. Once a spun item is made it can be soaked in very hot water to deepen the color. Drying in a machine can also deepen the color over time. Or you can leave it the beautiful color it is by washing in cool water and laying the item out to dry. This makes the green shades even more fun to play with.

Please note that different cotton crops produce varying colors. So when buying the sliver, buy enough for your whole project to avoid color variation. If you are unsure of the color differences due to monitor variance you can order a Pakucho color card. All the colors will be included so you can buy exactly what you want.

Peru: The Right Thing
All of the Pakucho cotton that we offer is Organic and imported from Peru, meaning no genetically modified seed (GMOs), chemicals or pesticides were used to grow the cotton and there were no heavy chemical processes used from the raw picked cotton to the finished fiber product. The carbon footprint for the Peruvian organic cotton is better than if we had sourced organic cotton in the US, which is not an easy thing to do. Their entire production radius is relatively small and the miles it takes for the fiber to travel from Peru to California is more than comparable to a non-existent organic cotton source here, based on the fact that 90% of the US cotton crop is conventionally grown. If that wasn't enough we support Peru for doing the right thing (April 2011) in extending their ban on all genetically modified seed (GMOs) for another 10 years. We need to support countries like Peru that take the threat of GMOs seriously. Sadly, we are still fighting hard just to label GMOs in this country.... and nowhere close to banning them.
Unlike yarns that are claimed to be environmentally friendly, like rayonized soy, corn, bamboo & more, Organic Peruvian Cotton is processed minimally in comparison. GMO crop byproducts and Bamboo stalk are hard fiber, unlike the cotton bolle (fiber puff) that gets picked off its tree.  Organic Cotton is basically mildly processed, ginned, carded/combed, plyed following GOTS standards & never mercerized. There is no comparison. From the tree to finished product Pakucho Peruvian Organic Cotton is recognizable as the same natural fiber from beginning to end with the added benefit of being Fair Trade.

Color Grown

Many of our colors are Color Grown. This is the way it grows in Peru. It is simply amazing to see the range of Golden Browns, Pink to Red Hued Browns, Greens & Mauve Brown (a rare shade called Fiffo) available, as well as Natural Tanguis & Long Staple Vanilla Cream Pima. We were so used to thinking cotton is grown solely white, like a cotton ball, not so long ago. Now people have access to the amazing feats of nature & man with revival cotton fiber that dates back thousands of years.