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Looking for a great way to brighten any fiber project? We present to you RECYCLED Sari Silk FIBER from the Sari productions.

You will receive a randomized selection of silk fiber in multi colors or solid black. Perfect to use in blending, felting, and spinning projects.This fiber is recycled and not carded or processed into roving or batt form.  If you would prefer specific colors, please leave an order note and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. 


The Sari has a long history in India. The first depiction of sari like costumes can be seen in sculptures dating back to 100 b.c The variety of colors, patterns, weaves and draping styles make the sari one of the world's most fascinating costumes. Today in India six and a half million people are engaged in the production of handloom sarees.

Type: Fiber

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