Paradise Fibers Special Yarn Fairy Hand Painted Rovings (4 oz braids)


We are so thrilled to offer these special limited Hand Painted Roving Braids from our friend Wendy, the mastermind behind The Yarn Fairy and The Pixies. Wendy Hand Painted these 4 oz Fiber Braids just for you! You will be more than pleased with the saturated color ways and the beautiful yarn produced once spun.

There are 3 different braids for your consideration. 

The first is a Blue Faced Leicester/ Kid Mohair 50/50 blend- Paradise

* the gorgeous colors smattered throughout this braid are mesmerizing! Blue Faced Leicester is a treasured wool among spinners for many reasons. The main reason is for the buttery texture and ease of drafting as well as beautiful luster. Kid mohair is a prime example of mohair fiber that has excellent qualities such as; Luster, Strength, and silky soft texture. We are hooked on this fiber braid! 

The next two braids consist of De-Pigmented Yak, Fine Merino, and Cultivated Silk a 20/60/20 blend- Pale Rainbow & Paris 

A true luxurious blend of Tibetan Yak, Cultivated Silk, and Fine Merino. This combination creates a heavenly fiber to spin. All the warmth without all the weight. Merino is a favorite amongst spinners for its natural abilities of moisture wicking and regulating body temperature. The merino is this blend is below 21 microns and feels just like cashmere! Cultivated silk adds durability, strength, stunning luster, and a long staple length to this blend. This cultivated silk was harvested from Silk worms which ate a steady diet of only Mulberry Leafs creating a much whiter, smoother, silkier, brighter silk which takes dye beautifully. High upon the Himalayan mountains roams a majestic beast which offers an INCREDIBLY soft fiber that has a smooth and soft hand. The Tibetan yak in this blend has been de-pigmented which is ideal for dyeing since this fiber is naturally brown. The three fibers in this blend put together and dyed creates a spinning experience that is nothing short of thrilling! Treat yourself to these braids while supplies last. 

Thank you Yarn Fairy and the Pixies!

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