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Suris are a breed of alpaca, and is a domesticated member of the South American Camelid family that include llamas, guancos and vicunas. Suri Alpacas are renowned for their luxury fiber which has superior handle, softness, and luster.

Only 10% of the worlds Alpacas are Suri. This fiber has elegant drape with slick, shiny fibers, that create a unique luster to your finished yarn. Best spun in a worsted weight to show off the luster. Commonly used in woven fabrics. Suri is the closest animal fiber to silk. With a micron count of 18-25 micron and a long staple length of 3-6 inches. A dream to spinners and weavers alike!!

Because the individual fibers have flat scales the "prickly" feeling common in some wool, is not the case with Suri alpaca fiber. Minimal to no pilling, a high tensil strength, and its luxurious softness is only some of the qualities that separate this fiber from the rest. 

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