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Paradise Fibers carries everything you need to hand spin your own blend of yarn. Drop spinning yarn is the oldest form of spinning and does not require any expensive equipment or elaborate set ups. To begin learning to drop spin fibers you only need a drop spindle, some fibers, and a few basic instructions. After that, it is all simply a matter of practice. There are several types of drop spindles from which to choose. Supported or suspended drop spindles are the main types. With suspended drop spindles there are also those with top whorls or weights, and bottom whorls. The type of drop spindle best for you will depend on the type of fiber you plan to spin as well as a personal preference you are sure to develop as you become accustomed to handling your drop spindle with different fibers.

At Paradise Fibers, we have a large selection of drop spindles for sale. We carry drop spindles, by Ashford and Cascade, as well as Turkish drop spindles, and several brands of mini spindles. We also offer drop spindles for sale in kits that include detailed instructions, a spindle, and enough fiber to get you started. If you are the type that learns best by watching a demonstration, we also have drop spindles for sale that include both starting fibers and an instructional video by Melda Montgomery.

Spindles can be made from a variety of materials and the types and design of the spindle you choose will determine the final yarn you produce. Drop spindles for spinning lace would not do well to produce a heavier worsted weight yarn. Some drop spindles for spinning a combination of fibers would not do well to spin the threads needed for a Navajo rug or heavy tapestry project. When you first begin to learn to use drop spindles for spinning, a simple bottom whorl drop spindle is always a good choice.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind once you decide to explore hand spinning for a new pastime.

  • Look for a medium weight spindle for learning to spin. A lightweight spindle will not spin as easily and a heavier weight spindle will quickly earn the namedrop spindle as you are trying to learn how to draft out the fibers and keep the spindle moving at the same time!
  • Tie on a piece of fiber and check, being sure the spindle you choose turns smoothly without wobbling and continues to spin freely.
  • Though you can spin a variety of fibers including cotton and silk, wool fibers are the easiest to work with. When choosing wool fibers, carded wool is easier for beginners to draft than combed wool.

We love to help new spinners get started. Call us before making your online purchase if you have any questions. We can make recommendations and help put together everything you need to get started. For anyone in the Spokane, Washington area, we offer classes in spinning, weaving, and knitting and are always happy to have you just stop by while you are in the neighborhood to browse our beautiful selections and discuss your spinning projects. We love staying in touch with you through our Facebook page and blog. Call, stop by, or visit our Facebook page today!

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