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We have a huge selection of natural, eco-friendly wool yarns in stock daily. Natural fibers are our specialty and there's nothing like soft, high quality merino wool yarn for your knitting and craft project. We offer fair prices on all of the highest quality wool yarns, and generally ship same day! Make sure to visit our shop in Spokane next time you're in town and stop in to feel the wide variety of wool yarns we offer.

Different Types of Wool:

Cotton and wool yarn and wool blends come in a variation of textures, colors, and weights. Our wool yarns are perfect for those slightly cool days when all you need is a light scarf.

Our wool yarns come in a stylish assortment of colors and are perfect for sweaters, scarves, baby garments, and just about anything else. Our silk wool blend yarns come in rich colors and are so lightweight that it’s perfect for all seasons.

Silk and merino blends are a perfect combination of elegance and luxury. Silk merino wool yarns are perfect for lacy scarves and shawls.

Alpaca and merino wool yarns and alpaca and merino wool blends will keep you warm and incredibly soft to touch. Superwash merino wool yarns are amazing because it is a washable wool yarn. Mohair and wool yarn blends and mohair soft wool yarns produce garments that are incredibly soft.

Merino wool yarns are also incredibly soft and we carry that at amazingly competitive prices. Our 100% merino wool yarns also come in a variety of colors and textures. Some are even hand dyed.

New Zealand possum fiber and organic cotton and New Zealand Merino wool yarn blends are extremely warm because of the nature of the fibers. This yarn will provide unique qualities of lightness, softness, and warmth.

As you can tell by the blend, cashmere and merino wool yarns are one of the softest wool yarns that we carry! The cashmere and merino wool yarn is a luxurious blend of New Zealand merino wool yarn and cashmere.