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Brown Sheep

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Brown Sheep Yarn

Brown Sheep yarn is a popular fiber brand best known for its Lamb Pride line. Those who work in fiber crafts, such as crocheting, knitting, and weaving often choose Brown Sheep due to its versatility and color selection. Brown Sheep yarn is also recognized for its use of high quality materials such as mohair, wool, pima cotton, and more. We sell tons of Lamb's Pride yarn for felted clogs, felted handbag projects and knit hats. The Company is family owned and works out of Nebraska, where the family has operated a farm for more than a century. In the 80s, Harlan Brown founded the yarn company. For those interested in creating unique and special projects with high quality and durable yarn, Brown Sheep Yarn is an excellent choice.

When determining the best yarn for a project, it is important to consider the source. Those who select Brown Sheep yarn will find the fiber is crafted from a variety of sources. They use wool from Columbia, Corriedale, and Ramboulet. Another factor that has helped attribute to the success of the Brown Sheep Company is their attention to color.  Brown Sheep regularly assesses and reviews their color lines and adds new colors as well as discontinues tired colors on an annual basis.

Those interested in felting yarns will need to select from this line carefully. Some yarns crafted by the company are specially treated with various processes to enhance the yarn quality and may not felt. All Brown Sheep yarns are an excellent choice for those engaging in weaving, crocheting, and knitting. Those interested in specialty yarns that are perfect for creating clothing in warm weather, will find that the cotton fleece and fine yarns are an excellent choice. The color line is vast and the yarn is available in two different weights. For those interested in creating homemade clothing that is designed for summer wear, the cotton fleece and fine line of yarns by the Sheep Company is an excellent choice.

The Lamb’s Pride Superwash line is another popular choice for those designing clothing that needs extra durability. Those who have crocheted or knitted children’s clothing or other garments may attest to the damage multiple washings can have on those precious handmade items. The Lambs Pride Superwash line by Brown Sheep yarn ensures that your items will withstand the various rigors associated with machine washing. The yarn is a thick, 3-ply available in sport or worsted weight. It is available in a wide selection of colors and will hold up to repeated wear and washing.

It is available in a wide array of styles including high quality, wool warp used for weaving. We carry the entire line of Lamb's Pride yarn and Naturespun Yarn in all of the available colors with color cards available. Crafters must ensure the best quality yarn is used for their projects, whether looking for a baby-soft, yet durable yarn for their crochet projects, a strong, durable yarn for weaving warps and wefts, or a yarn with plenty of elasticity for their children’s projects such as clothing or toys. With Brown Sheep, you can get beautiful fiber in an array of colors with the characteristics needed to ensure your project is a success.