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Largest Addi Turbo Circular Knitting Needles


worlds largest addi turbo circular needles


World's Largest Addi Turbo Needles
SIZE 150 at Paradise Fibers!

January 01/01/2013

These knitting needles are the real thing, (size US 150 circular needles) ready to knit a hat for say...King Kong?  These needles are custom built to Addi specifications all the way down to the nickel plated tips!  Local metal artist Tim Biggs from biggsmetalart.com designed and handcrafted these for us complete with custom stand used to support the behemoth needles.  Although we haven't actually knit with these monster needles yet, they have been fun to have here at the store and share with our local customers visiting the shop.


The needles stand nearly 7 feet tall and weight about 56 lbs total and have been painstakingly nickel plated just like real Addi Turbo needles so they are actually very durable and yes, the gigantic joins are surprisingly smooth!

Although we haven't paid the tidy sum of $7,000 to register with guiness book, they are currently the largest Addi Turbo Needles in the world.  Skacel Knitting who is the distributor of the Addi Turbo Needles in the US confirmed that these are the largest Addi Turbo Circular Needles they have ever seen and loved our enthusiasm for their Addi Turbo needle product. Addi Turbo needles continue to be one of the best selling needles in our store as well as most yarn shops across the nation.

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