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  1. LeClerc ARTISAT 36inch Folding Floor Loom

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    The LeClerc Artisat 36" Loom is much like the Schacht Mighty Wolf and very popular. It's folding design and smaller footprint makes it great for tight spaces with a 36 inch weaving width. Enjoy all the features of a floor loom in a compact design.
  2. Leclerc Diana 16 Shaft Computer Dobby Loom

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    Leclerc Diana Dobby Loom
  3. Leclerc NILUS II Weaving Loom

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    Weaving width 36 (90 cm) 45 (115 cm) 60 (150 cm)
    Number of heddles 1000
    Loom Width 47 (119 cm) 56 (142 cm) 71 (180 cm)
    Depth when open 48 (122 cm) 48 (122 cm) 48 (122 cm)
    Depth when folded 27½ (70 cm) 27½ (70 cm) 27½ (70 cm)
    Height C-Balance 58½ (149 cm 58½ (149 cm) 58½ (149 cm)
    Height Jack-type 49 (125 cm) 49 (125 cm) 49 (125 cm)
    Front height 34½ (87 cm) 34½ (87 cm) 34½ (87 cm)
    Net weight 158 pds (72 kg) 176 pds (80 kg) 210 pds (95 kg)
  4. LeClerc Compact 24 Folding Loom - Compare to Schacht Baby Wolf

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    The LeClerc Compact 24" Loom is much like the Baby Wolf from Schacht and very popular. It's folding design and smaller footprint makes it great for tight spaces with a 24 inch weaving width. Enjoy all the features of a floor loom in a compact design.
  5. Leclerc Fanny II Weaving Loom w/shed regulator

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    Leclerc Fanny II Weaving Loom
  6. LeClerc Colonial Loom V2

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    The Colonial from LeClerc is a Jack Style loom and is super versatile. This traditional loom design has modern improvements and is now LeClerc's flagship loom coveted by weavers everywhere.

6 Item(s)

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Leclerc Looms for Sale

Those interested in Leclerc looms for sale are not alone; the company is recognized as one of the leaders in the industry. Leclerc looms have a history dating back over 100 years, making them one of the most trusted companies nationwide. With expertise and experience behind them, Leclerc looms are available in numerous sizes, styles, and models and are one of the most popular companies selected by weavers for their crafting needs. For those interested in large-scale weaving projects, Leclerc looms are an excellent choice. The company has a wide range of looms ranging from small table models to large floor looms.

When choosing between various Leclerc looms for sale, it is a good idea to narrow your choice by specifying your needs. Those interested in small projects may find that a Leclerc table loom is the best choice. Others interested in creating larger projects, such as rugs, may find their best choice is a floor model Leclerc loom.

A Leclerc table loom is an excellent choice for those new to weaving. Available in a wide array of sizes, these smaller looms are easy to work with, portable, and can sit on your table. Because a Leclerc table loom is smaller than floor models, those new to the craft can develop their skills effectively. Leclerc weaving looms are known for their sturdiness and stability, making them an excellent addition to every crafter’s collection of tools. Weaving looms in various sizes, everyone can enjoy weaving by using these machines.

Leclerc weaving looms have been in use since the late 1800s. The company has earned its reputation as an industry leader and continually features innovative ideas in their looms. Founded in 1874 by Albert Leclerc in Quebec, Canada, the company began as a mill then later specialized in wool products. In modern days, Leclerc looms specialize in hand weaving. As the company enjoys a lengthy history, it is not uncommon for owners of antique LeClerc looms to seek information identifying their model. The company provides directions for operating antique Le clerc looms and many who own these antique looms are just as excited with their ownership as modern artisans are.

For modern-day crafters, Le clerc looms are an excellent addition to their hobby. A Leclerc loom is durable enough to handle all of your crafting needs, while remaining flexible enough to transport. For those interested in large, bulky projects, however, there may be no comparison to the time-trusted strength of a Leclerc loom. The company even features large-scale, folding floor looms that ensure you can create the fabrics, textiles, and rugs preferred without sacrificing your home space in order to do so. Whether you prefer a small, tabletop loom or a large-scale floor loom for creating thick, bulky rugs, you will find that Leclerc features a wide selection of looms with varying features and benefits. The loom is the most important tool weavers’ choose. Make certain to choose your loom according to your needs, tastes, and preferences for the best experience.