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Louet Weaving Looms

Louet looms are a popular choice, but the company does not focus on that craft alone. Louet is also known for providing an extensive line of spinning wheels and accessories. Whether looking for spinning wheels or equipment for your latest weaving project, you will find that Louet has just what you need. Louet looms are revered for their ease of use as well as their firm commitment to excellence. A Louet loom is expertly crafted and designed to meet crafting needs with excellence. Their looms are available in a wide selection of models ensuring everyone can create their intended projects, whether small fabrics, or large, rugs.

There are several factors to think about when considering a loom. Determine how much space you have and whether your Louet loom will be housed in one stationary area. Those planning to take their loom on the road such as for teaching purposes will want to ensure they select a foldable, lightweight model.  When choosing a loom make certain to determine the correct size you need to complete your projects. You may be surprised at the versatility many of the table looms feature as some of these models are comparable to large units.

Whether weaving or spinning, the right unit is essential to your success. Anyone who has ever tried to attempt fiber crafts with their fingers understands the importance of using machines. Studies show that fiber crafts, such as weaving and spinning, are great ways to reduce stress and tension and help promote relaxation. For many weavers, spinning yarn is a craft that naturally follows weaving. Many weavers begin to see the creative aspects of other materials and fibers and want to add these unique touches in their creations. By spinning, weavers have the opportunity to create their own yarn for projects as well as dye or hand paint them according to their exact specifications.

Louet features several large looms that are the perfect choice for those weaving large items such as rugs and tapestries including the Louet Spring Countermarch. In addition to table and floor looms, Louet provides a wide array of accessories to ensure that crafters have access to the tools needed for their project’s success and completion. There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing the best loom for your needs. Table looms are a great choice for those who need a lightweight solution to their weaving needs. Those with larger projects will find that Louet provides plenty of loom options to handle the job.

Those new to weaving will find there are plenty of projects available they can craft. Though smaller looms are the best choice for those starting out, it often does not take long for weavers to develop their skills. The techniques mastered and developed on small tabletop looms can be carried over to larger units. Many who begin with small, tabletop looms soon find they are adding larger units to their collection of equipment.  Make sure to call us if you have questions on which loom is right for you, we can help 1-888-320-7746.