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We stock all current Louet wheels as well as all the parts. Call or email anytime if you have questions or need a part for your Louet wheel, we are happy to help.

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Louet Spinning Wheels and Parts

Many talented spinners are familiar with the Louet spinning wheel. Louet has been making quality spinning wheels for decades. Not surprisingly, there are many fans of our selection of Louet spinning wheels and Louet spinning wheel parts. The following looks at some of the features that make Louet spinning wheels such a popular choice with spinners.

First, the motion of a Louet spinning wheel is even and smooth. Regardless of a spinner’s speed, a Louet wheel offers steady, spinning action. Consequently, owners of Louet spinning wheels are able to accomplish a variety of spinning projects with ease. While other spinning wheels begin to shake or vibrate at higher speeds, the Louet spinning wheel provides consistent performance at any speed.

Next, the Louet wheel has a sturdy design that allows spinners to work on projects with confidence. An owner deserves a spinning wheel that is solid enough to handle any type of spinning work. The combination of quality materials and careful construction make Louet spinning wheels an ideal choice for any spinning enthusiast!

Some Louet spinning wheels are portable. This is an appealing feature for many spinners who like to take their spinning work along with them. For example, some people who belong to spinning clubs enjoy taking their spinning wheel with them to meetings. Portable spinning wheels allow spinners to show off their newest techniques and maybe even give a demonstration or two to fellow club members. Also, some spinners who go on a lot of business trips like to take their Louet spinning wheels with them to use in their free time. In short, an easy-to-pack, portable Louet spinning wheel is a must-have for many spinners.

Our inventory also includes several Louet spinning wheel parts. Naturally, Louet spinning wheel parts are equally as sturdy as the spinning wheel itself. A spinner who needs a particular part should peruse our selection of parts to find just the right replacement. The experts at Louet make sure that all of their replacement parts meet the high standards of the spinners who use their products.

Many of our shoppers appreciate the wide variety of Louet spinning wheels. As a result, spinners can choose the Louet spinning wheel that best fits his or her needs. Of course, if a spinner has a number of different projects going, he or she can always invest in more than one Louet spinning wheel. The detailed descriptions of our Louet spinning wheels provide spinners with the information they need to make a purchase that suits their needs.

Finally, Louet spinning wheels have an attractive appearance. The wood used to construct Louet spinning wheels as well as the design makes them an appealing addition to a sewing room. Peruse our selection of Louet spinning wheels and you’re sure to find one that is perfect for your next project.

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