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We carry the entire line of Kromski Spinning Wheels and offer $40 of free fiber with free shipping options. Our knowledgeable staff knows Kromski wheels inside and out 1-888-320-7746.

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Kromski Spinning Wheels

Paradise Fibers is pleased to bring you the professional lineup of Kromski spinning wheels.The Kromski family has been handcrafting their beautiful spinning wheels for three generations and makes an affordable high quality spinning wheel. These spinning wheels have a combination of old-world styling but with convenient features.

The Kromski Sonata wheel is no exception with a new portable design. We now offer the Sonata Spinning Wheel as well as the complete line of Kromski spinning wheels in many beautiful finishes. This well-crafted Kromski spinning wheel has classic design in a full-size spinning wheel combined with the functional feature allowing it to fold and be stored in a carry bag that comes with the wheel. This unique feature makes this the ideal Kromski spinning wheel for spinners on the move to guild meetings, workshops, or festivals. The option to fold this Kromski spinning wheel and store it in the heavy-duty storage bag when not in use also makes this an ideal wheel for apartments, mobile homes, or vacation.

The current collection of beautifully designed Kromski spinning wheels features the Kromski Symphony as well as their Polonaise Wheel. The combination of excellent artisanship and features for today’s demanding spinners makes these spinning wheels and spinning accessories a great value.

The Kromski Symphony spinning wheel is crafted from traditional birch and European alder with fine details making it as beautiful as it is functional. The 24-inch wheel with smooth bearing sleeves makes this double treadle wheel effortless to power during longer spinning sessions. The flyer features a double drive with a Scotch tension option. The included bobbins are designed by Kromski to hold 50% more yarn and are interchangeable with other Kromski wheels. With this tasteful balance of classic styling and functional features, it is easy to see why the Kromski Symphony spinning wheel continues to be a favorite among spinners worldwide.

The Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel has a unique upright design with a generous 18-inch wheel mounted on dual support posts. With a wide base and double treadles, this wheel is easy to operate for extended periods. The third pole on the Minstrel may be used to mount the optional distaff. Up front, storage for your extra whorl and threading hook keeps them conveniently at hand. This smaller wheel design is a favorite in guilds.

For beginners, the Kromski Prelude spinning wheel is an excellent choice. This single wheel is easy to operate yet has the same generous sized 18-inch wheel as the Minstrel for excellent ratio options. The Kromski Prelude spinning wheel uses the same custom designed bobbins as the larger wheels so should you decide to move onto a larger Kromski wheel you can use the same bobbins. The Prelude is easy to transport to classes or meetings by swiveling the mother-of-all in line with the bench while traveling.

Another model from the these craftsman is the Fantasia. A first glance at the completely modern design of the Kromski Fantasia clearly shows the attention to detail that you expect from the Kromski designers. This single driver flyer features a changeable whorl, and a fast bobbin change made possible by pulling off the front of the flyer without the inconvenience of dealing with a drive band. The flyer has a sliding hook arrangement. The Fantasia is an economical and easy to use option for beginning spinners.