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Tools, Combs, Wool Carders

We have the wool tools to process your own wool or alpaca at home! Build your home spinning fiber processing setup for processing from raw fleece from your own animals easily with the right tools. If you just need to blend some fibers together we have a great selection of wool hand cards and drum carders to combine any spinning fiber or roving into exactly the the fiber combination you need for your craft project. Make sure to checkout our wool combs that we make here in our wood shop! They are some of the nicest on the market and reasonably priced with the highest quality stainless steel tines to last a lifetime of wool combing. Call or email anytime for help picking out the right fiber processing tools, we know our fiber 1-888-320-7746.

Here at Paradise Fibers we have all the spinning wheel parts and tools you will need. We stock both course and fine handcards and drum carders, wool combs, several different types of niddy noddy’s, nostepinne’s and lazy kate's. We offer wool carders from Ashford, Howard Brush, and Louet ready to ship out today from our shop to anywhere in the world. Do your own small batch wool processing at home! Typically with carding you'll need to have your fleece super clean before entering carding. So be sure to check out our fleece wash section which includes all of the different types of wash or scour you'll need. The triple drum system gets those little bits of vegetation out of the wool and it drops below the drums for easy clean up. If you are currently using hand cards start thinking about a drum carder, they are so much faster and more fun and you'll have much more time for spinning rather an breaking your hands with manual carding techniques. Also with a wool carder you can blend fibers together much faster as well as process your wool. We have the When you're all done spinning make sure to check out our selection of ball winders and swifts to prepare your finished yarn. Make sure to give us a call or email with questions, we know our fiber 1-888-320-7746.